News Letter 2017

Cumberland Mountain Outreach Ministries Incorporated, is a faith based, nonprofit organization (mission) for children at risk in impoverished counties in the Appalachian Region. We demonstrate Jesus by teaching through the many facets of this mission, feeding the hungry, clothing the less fortunate, offering part time jobs, home repair, and conducting kid’s camps, all the while sharing the love of Jesus. We believe many will come to know God in a greater way because of the unconditional love that is shown through the work of our campers and volunteer staff. 

   As you may know, Lee County is located in rural Eastern KY, which has a very high poverty rate. According to www.homefacts, city of Beattyville KY,, the latest stats from the US Census Bureau, Lee County has about a 6.7% unemployment rate with the medium household income being about $14,996. When compared to the state unemployment rate of 4% and medium income of   $43,399, it is easy to see why so many of our families are living in poverty and can’t even meet their basic needs, such as food, clothing and shelter. The state   census show that 42% of children under the age of 18 live in poverty, 80% of the children live with their Grandparents, and the schools have an 80% rate for free lunches.   

   We received 35 Home Repair Applications in the early spring. The Home Repair Applications are for families needing help with basic home repairs.

We interview all the families, make a folder for each of them and post that on Facebook (Cumberland Mountain) in photo albums. Teams select families to serve the week they are in KY.

  In the summer months, 6 to 8 Churches / Youth groups registered to come to C.M.O., to work and bless these families.

      At the same time, some of the church groups host five weeks of Kid's 3 day camps and Vacation Bible School programs. There is about 20 to 30 mountain children attending the Day Camps each week. We know that these children are eating well, getting exercise, growing in Christ, and getting free education and social skills. We are receiving an AHA grant for 2017 Kid’s Camp and the TILP program. The Kid’s Camp is the foundation for the Teen In Leadership Program.

   The Teens In Leadership Program, known as (TILP), is a program developed at Cumberland Mountain Outreach in 2007.  This program helps keep preteens through high school youth, out of adverse environments and develops Christian leadership skills.  This year’s summer team was made of Mandy Williamson, Gracie Spencer, Morgan Williamson, Kelli Helton , Ethan  Brooks and Cindy Evanoff (directors).

This week at camp had a western theme. Whisper Valley Trails brought two horses for the kid’s to ride. This is Mandy with Xavion riding Iggy.

TILP commits to 3 days of training for internship in the first two weeks of June.  They create and conduct a 3 day kid’s camp or a teen camp, on their own, then 4 weeks of hosting church teams in the summer. They also assist CMO at town events, and school programs throughout the year.  They helped with 4th of July fireworks, offering free tattoos and glow sticks to all the children and even some adults.

   CMO also works with the Lee Count Family Resource, Elementary School Center, and Lee County Youth Center/Jr. and High School Office.

Ready fest is a one day event that helps families get Children ready for school.

  We hosted the Miss Kiwanis Homecoming beauty pageant.  This year was a HEE HAW theme. There were three participants and thirteen volunteers. We patterned it after Hee Haw, with a band, singing, dancing, comedy, and our very own Minnie Pearl.

  The team also raised $700.00 to help Whisper Valley cover the cost of veterinarian bills, at the loss of two horses.

   At the Woolly worm Festival, we offered free games, balloons and kid’s tattoos. We also had a shark tank fish game for a fund raiser and the CMO mascot, The Moose, was in the parade and available for photos with fans.

   The opening of the Christmas season is an event called Kiwanis Christmas Spirit. There is a parade, singing, photos with Santa, treats, and the lighting awards.   CMO was first place, the Fire Department Second, and Rose Brothers Clothing store was third.   There seems to be a little friendly rivalry between CMO and the Fire Department. GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR, VFD!!

  We have news, not sure if it good or bad, because it is a loss for the TILP program. Morgan is leaving the team! She’s decided to become a volunteer firefighter, work with her Dad at the Art Factory coffee shop, and Volunteer at the Nursing home in her spare time. I couldn’t be more proud of her, and the great choices she is making, but she will be missed. Here is a letter she wrote for you:

  I have now left the TILP program to make my own path. But as I was always taught “I have to be the light in a dark world”.  I am now a Jr. Firefighter, which means I go and save people’s lives and help anyway possible. You may ask why I’m doing this. I’m working side by side with the people who risked their lives 4 years ago just to save us the night our house burned down. I fight so I can save people, to ensure they will not have to go through what we went through that night. I’m a first responder, trained in CPR and first aid. I know how to handle stress, pressure, and I can take orders as well as give them. I can do this because I have worked in stressful situations and under pressure in the TILP program for 3 years.  I can also make a great mocha moolatte you for.

The last event for the year is a Christmas celebration, open to all Children Dec.19th from 10:00-3:00.

  This Christmas we gave 275 gifts to the jail, 83 to the September place (a retirement community)  and  to shoppers that stopped at the  Second Hand Rose.  283 guests came to C.M.O. for our annual Christmas party. Thanks to AHA and Savanna Club Worship Service Inc. in Port St. Lucie FL. and a team of 32 volunteers that come from Georgetown/ Cynthiana, KY are for putting on the best party ever.

  Children received a hot lunch, slightly used toys, and blankets.  They played games, drank hot cocoa, and got pictures with Santa.                                                                                                                                 

  This is a letter we received from a person in our community:

  I wanted to thank the Cumberland Mountain Outreach. What your organization does for this community is greatly appreciated. I have had the privilege of volunteering at CMO for a short period of time in which I have witnessed the outpouring of love shown for the community. I have also witnessed the needs the people of the community have and through CMO been able to help meet some of those needs. Recently my children and I attended the annual Christmas party at Cumberland Mountain Outreach. I have a 13 year old son and a 3 year old daughter who can be a handful at times. Unlike some organization Christmas events we have attended we felt very welcome, we wasn’t rushed through lines or hurried along. They provided multiple activities for both my children to occupy their time while I had the privilege of picking out gifts that suited both of their personalities instead of being handed an age appropriate gift and hurried along. They also provided snacks and drinks which unfortunately was the only meal some kids in the community had that day. And of course the highlight of the day for my daughter along with others was getting their picture taken with Santa. This was our first Christmas party at CMO but it will not be our last. As I said before we felt so welcome we did not fill looked down on or out of place. While my kids were playing games I took the time to “people watch” I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many smiling faces. Not only from the kids but the parents also for it was a moment in time when all was good. There was no worry or stress over presents or how one would provide for their kids. There was only love. So from my family to you, Thank you for the blanket and all you do.                                                                                                                       Sincerely,                                                                                                                       Candace Collins Gazzara

  We provide a food pantry for families in need of emergency situations. So far we average about 25- 30 families a month. The food and money is given to us by AHA (frozen food), churches, and the fifth Sunday Hymn Sing. BUT WE NEED HELP!  There are so many families coming we are out of food and resources.  We have limited space, so we give out  instant oatmeal, pop tarts, peanut butter, crackers, Ramen noodles, Vienna sausage, chicken noodle soup. You can send or bring donations by the office, any time.

  We  received the Americans Helping Americans (AHA) $5,000.00 grant for utility assistances for families in need. In 2017 we gave a onetime aide of $50.00 for 200 families. This gives the families time to raise the rest of the money needed, before the service is turned off.

   AHA sent 336 turkeys to Lee County that we gave out to district teams for the needy in our community. I never realized the need for turkeys until I received so many thanks you, with stories of what Thanksgiving would have been like without that turkey. This year we would like to honor the volunteers and their families that serve our community.


I would like to say thank you to Cumberland Mountain Outreach for allowing me to take part in the turkey give away this year. I have known Cindy for a long time and over the years my husband and I have done so many things with C.M.O but due to a battle with cancer I have been unable to help as much. As of right now, I am cancer free so it was extra special for me to get out and socialize with everyone this year and to put a smile on their faces by giving them a turkey! Most everyone invited us into their home. A few of the elderly people didn't want us to leave! It was great to be involved again! Thank you and especially a thank you to God! Lummi Stamper


AHA, through CMO, gave $900.00 to PEP and UK Lee County Extension Agents, for the GROW program in 2016.  It provided 27 families with supplies and six months of training for seedlings to canning.


God has put together a great team here at CMO. Rose Roberts, at 87 years old, manages The Second Hand Rose (thrift Store). She has done so for the past 12 years, and before that she was the grounds manager for 2 years. That is when the pond and gardens were started.

We have worked with many work programs from K- tap (food stamp program), Green Thumb (Seniors Citizen work program) and Ready to work (summer teen program). But when we found Rose needed help, we prayed and God has sent a great team to assist Rose and to help me in the office and to keep the camp looking great.

Chris and Andrea Williamson, along with myself and David Evanoff, are starting a youth program here at CMO. We will need your prayers and financial support. A new van is badly needed!

There is no way CMO would be here without God, prayers and support of people that believe in us,  the work teams that come to KY, and the Lee County Fiscal Court, for the camp grounds on which we are located!


     Pray with me:

Thank you Father, for sending Jesus to show us how to live and love well! Thank you for willing hearts to share your love to a cruel and dying world.

Thank you for putting this letter in the right hands, so your servant will know the work that’s being accomplished in your name. Lead, guide and direct us all in the ways you would have us to go. In the name of Jesus, Amen! 


In His Love,

  Cindy Evanoff

Thank you, for putting this letter in the right hands, so your servant will know the work that’s being done in your name. Lead us in the way you would have us to go. In Jesus’ name Amen!


Cumberland Mountain Outreach Ministries Inc. 

606-464-8134 cmoky@,