The Beauty of-Kentucky


 Cumberland Mountain Outreach (CMO) Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit 501/c(3) organization, founded in 2005. That demonstrates Jesus’ teaching through the many facets of this ministry; feeding the hungry, clothing the less fortunate, offering jobs, home repair, 5 weeks of kid’s three day Camp, teen leadership program, and Holiday celebrations,  helping the homeless, all the while sharing the love of Jesus. We believe that many will come to know God in a greater way because of the unconditional love that is shown through the work campers (volunteers) and the volunteer staff. CMO works to improve the lives of children and families who reside in 6 counties in the Appalachian regions of Kentucky.                                          

Food pantry:  Working with the Lee County Ministerial Association and local Churches to provide a 2 day supply of food to a family in emergency need. CMO works with the School to see that children have food over the weekends. We supply 15 families on the average each month and 100 children weekly. Money to feed the Kid’s day camp program, and 2 times a year we receive a large shipment of frozen food from Americans Helping Americans (a division of Christian Relief Services).

Rebuilding Homes and Hope:  CMO’s Rebuilding Homes and Hope Program, is a comprehensive program that seeks to ensure that those living in poverty have a nice safe place to call home. Work campers( Church groups) that come in from out of State repairs the homes of 10-15 families a summer.  The work campers staying at CMO provide income to support these ministries.


Donations of Clothing:  Every year, CMO distributes clothing freely for back to school, fire victims, and those in need. The Second Hand Rose receives clothing donations locally and nationally to assist with maintaining and maintenance of  CMO.  Volunteers also contribute their time to CMO, assisting with clothing and food distribution.


Jobs opportunities: Working with Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, INC (KCEP), Experience Works, and private contractors. CMO provides 4-6 people the opportunity to work each year.


Kids’ Camp: Kids’ Camp was developed in 2002 to help provide a safe and nurturing place for children to receive exercise and proper nutrition in the summer months.  Children in the camp are provided with daily meals and enrichment activities, including music, art, and sports activities and swimming at the State Park.


Teen Leadership:  Local teens that, are too old for Kids Camp, our provided leadership training as teen counselors. As counselors the youth have to develop and carry out a program.  This helps to develop skills in them to become leaders in our community.


Christmas Party: Every year CMO has a Christmas party for the children in the county. Each child receives dinner, 2 presents, pictures with Santa, and plays games. The children have fun in a big celebration atmosphere. We usually have around 325 children to attendance. AHA and a little Church in Florida called Savanna Club Worship Services provided the $1,000.00 funding for this event.


Back to School Program:  Every year before school starts CMO has a back to school program. Each child is giving 3 outfits. AHA though CMO has given Lee County Family Resource Center at Beattyville Elementary and Youth Services at Beattyville High School $5,000.00 for shoes and underwear, and 2 shipments of school supplies.


Homeless Shelter:  CMO deals with 3-6 homeless people a year, with our limited income. We are working with Beattyville Housing, KRCC Housing Development, local Churches and work campers to complete the Emergency Shelter as soon as possible.


The garden program, for years AHA through CMO has teamed up with PEP, UK’S Lee County Extension Agents and Madeline’s Greenhouse to provide 27 families with gardening supplies, and six months of training from seedlings to canning.

   To participate in a mission opportunity with Cumberland Mountain Outreach contact

 Cindy Evanoff at 606-464-8134, or email cmoky@ att.net or Cindyevanoff@gmail.com