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Cumberland Mountain Outreach Ministries Incorporated is a faith based nonprofit organization (mission) 501/c3 for children at risk in impoverished counties in the Appalachian Region. We demonstrate Jesus; teaching through the many facets of this mission: feeding the hungry, clothing the less fortunate, offering jobs, home repair, conducting kid’s camps, all the while sharing the love of Jesus. We believe that many will come to know God in a greater way because of the unconditional love that is shown through the work of campers and volunteer staff. 

  We are located in rural Eastern Kentucky which has a very high poverty rate in the United States. According to the latest stats from the US Census Bureau Lee County is 11.1% unemployment rate with the medium household income being about $18,000. When compared to the Federal unemployment rate of 5 %. it is easy to see why so many of our families are living in poverty and can’t even meet their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. The state census show that 42% of children under the age of 18 live in poverty, 80% of the children live with their Grandparents, and the school have an 80% rate for free lunches.  


 We received about 35 Home Repair Applications in the early spring. The Home Repair Applications are for families needing help with basic home repair. We interview all the families, make a folder for each of them and post that on Face book (Cumberland Mountain) in photo albums. Teams select families to serve the week they are in KY.   In the summer, 6 Churches / Youth groups registered to come to C.M.O., to work and bless these families. 

       This is a team from Westbrook Christian Church in Illinois; they have sent a team to Kentucky for 6 years.                                                     

   At the same time, some of the church groups host five weeks of Kid's 3 day, camps, a Vacation Bible School programs. About 20 to 30 mountain children attended the Day Camps each week. We know that these children are eating well, getting exercise, growing in Christ, and social skills. We are receiving an AHA grant for 2016 Kid’s Camp and the TILP program. The Kid’s Camp is the foundation for the Teen In Leadership Program.

 The Teens in Leadership Program known as (TILP), is a program developed at Cumberland Mountain Outreach in 2007.   This year’s summer team was:  Mandy Williamson, Gracie Spencer, Morgan Williamson, Markel Thompson, Tim Napier, William King, Brandi Williamson, Krystal Spencer, and Cindy and David Evanoff (directors).

 The success rate of TILP is about 90 %, keeping the teen’s jail, drug free, and becoming contributing adults. The secret to the success rate is twofold: 1. Instill in the youth that they are valuable and loved and what they think, say, and do matters to God and us. 2. Keeping the youth away from the bad influences, as well as teaching them to be honest to others and themselves.  
      The youth committed in 2015 to:     Meet one day a week for a garden program.( that’s sponsored by People Encouraging People, UK agriculture Department, Americans Helping Americans, and Chris Williamson.)  3 days of training for internship ( Creating and performing a 3 day kid’s camp on their own, then 4 weeks of hosting church teams in the summer, assisting CMO at town events, and school programs throughout .

This American Flag, at beginning of town hill, was one of TILPS community services projects for 2015 and will return after some weather restoration this spring. We also helped the Kiwanis Club raise $500 for the Relay of Life.  At the 4th of July fireworks we were offering free body art. We will are all way at the readifest helping Lee County Youth Services.

TILP hosted the Miss Kiwanis Homecoming Beauty Pageant, Where Taylor Gross won. Her talent is streaming on YouTube as Taylor Gross Dibs.  Krystal Spencer was presented the life time Kentucky Colonel Award, for her 5 year service at CMO and Lee County.  

      They were at the Woolly Worm Festival offering free games, balloons. And a shark tank fish game for a fund raiser.

The TILP teens have a meeting Jan. 15 to set gloss for 2016.


 Celebrate The Light (JESUS), is one of the largest Christmas lights celebrations in the area. Starting with CMO’s award winning Christmas lighting displays (First place in the 2015 Spirit of Christmas Award).  

        Beattyville City Christmas spirit Alliance awarded $500.00 for the parade float contest. This money will go to help pay for the electricity used to brighten the camp this Holiday season.      

    The last event for the year is a Christmas celebration, open to all Children on Dec.19th from 10:00-3:00. There were 138 children in attendance, not counting volunteers, or parents.

We gave Christmas gifts to the jail, Head Start Program, and shoppers at the Second Hand Rose.

 Thanks to AHA and Savanna Club Worship Service Inc. in Port St. Lucie FL. and a team of 20 volunteers that come from Georgetown/ Cynthiana, KY area.

  Children received a hot lunch, gifts, played games and received free pictures with Santa

This is a photo of Community Christian Church, JR Church presenting a live nativity drama, December 12. The 18 children preformed the 5 minute drama continually for 45 minutes, on the top of a big hill for all to see. As someone said “It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

Working with the Lee County Ministerial Assoc. we provide a food pantry for families in need of emergency food. We average 30 families a month. The food and money is given to us churches, the fifth Sunday Hymn Sing, AHA sends us about 2 tons of frozen food twice a year to give out to families in need at the Beattyville Manor; some of this food went in the food pantry.

Because of the lack of income in our county, there is much hunger. When you have to choose between food, and a bill, you give up on the good food and make bad cheap food choices, so you can pay the other bills. The Food Pantry’s, frozen sandwiches and hot pockets where a big blessing for so many. There where countless times people would say,” Thank you so much! I know what we will be eating for dinner tonight”, as they are starting to eat a sandwich on their way out.  

   AHA through CMO gave a $5,000.00 grant to Lee County Family Resource Center at Beattyville Elementary School for new shoes for the children and 2 tons of school supplies, hats, gloves, scarves and blankets.

In 2015 AHA sent 336 turkeys to Lee County that we gave to thou Lee County Family Resource Center, Head Start, and fire and require squads

 I never realized the need for turkeys, till I received so many thanks you cards, with stories of what Christmas would have been like without that turkey.

In 2015 AHA through CMO gave $900.00 to PEP, UK Lee County Extension Agents to the GROW program to provide 27 families with supplies, and six months of training from seedlings to canning.       The Teens in Leadership Program has benefited from this as well as $800 for gardening tools.


God has put together a great team here at CMO Rose Roberts at 86 years old, manages The Second Hand Rose Thrift Store, for the past 11 years, and before that she was the grounds manager for 2 years.   The Second Hand Rose (thrift store) the clothing prices are: kid's clothing $.50, all tops $.50, pants $1.00, coats and nice dresses $2.00, but to the truly needy (homeless and burned out) and back to school program it's all free. 

This is Rose with two on her grandsons

 We have worked with many work programs from K- tap (food stamp program) to Green Thumb (Seniors Citizen work program) Ready to work (summer teen program), to assist Rose, and  to help me keep the camp looking great. We call it WORK FOR FOOD.


There is no way CMO would be here without GOD, prayers and support of people that believe in us, and The Lee County Fiscal Court for the camp grounds on which we sit. 


                  Pray with me:

Thank you Father for sending Jesus to show us how to live love well. Thank you for willing hearts to share your love, to a cruel and dying world.

Thank you, for putting this letter in the right hands, so your servant will know the work that’s being accomplished in your name. Lead guide and direct us all in the way you would have us to go. In Jesus’ name Amen!                          


In His Love,

                      Cindy Evanoff


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